runboyrun and IN OLD AGE

September 04, 2019

After captivating audiences and critics in 2017, NYTW Usual Suspect Mfoniso Udofia returns with another pairing from her powerful nine-part saga, The Ufot Cycle. 

Set in the family’s present-day Worcester home and 1968 Nigeria, runboyrunand IN OLD AGE pose questions about how to move forward when the past inhabits your very foundation. In runboyrun, Disciple and Abasiama Ufot have been living the same day over and over again for decades until the dam breaks and time rushes forward while also reeling backwards. They must uncover years of memories and cross great distances to find each other and unearth the roots of their marriage. IN OLD AGE follows Abasiama far into the future as she learns the true nature of love just as life takes a new turn. 

Loretta Greco and Awoye Timpo direct these two plays presented together as one evening of theatre. 

These two new chapters build on the 2017 productions of Sojourners and Her Portmanteau, celebrating the tenacious matriarch of a Nigerian family.

Leading the cast as Abasiama in both plays will be Patrice Johnson Chevannes (Mies Julie). The company of runboyrun will feature Karl Green (Eve’s Song) as Boy, Chiké Johnson (A Time to Kill) as Disciple Ufot, Adrianna K. Mitchell (Romeo and Juliet) as Sister, Adesola Osakalumi (Fela!) as Benjamin, and Zenzi Williams (Lockdown) as Mother.

The cast for In Old Age also includes Ron Canada (Network) as Azell Abernathy.


Both productions will feature scenic design by Andrew Boyce (Plot Points in Our Sexual Development), costumes by Karen Perry (Jazz), lighting by Oona Curley (Rinse, Repeat), sound design by David Van Tieghem (Burn This), and hair and wig design by J. Jared Janas (Yours Unfaithfully). Jerome Butler (The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind) will serve as dialect coach and Katherine Kovner (Crane Story) will serve as dramaturg, with Caroline Englander (Sense and Sensibility) serving as stage manager.


June 20, 2019

June 20 at 7 PM: Othello
Playwright: Mfoniso Udofia; dramaturg: Ayanna Thompson; director: Victor Malana Maog


136 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003


April 15, 2019

The Migration Plays


A Collection of Ten-Minute Plays
By Adam Gwon, Martyna Majok, Heather Raffo, Mfoniso Udofia, Karen Zacarías

Directed by Elena Araoz

The Project: Continuing McCarter’s tradition of producing timely, socially relevant work that engages with the central questions of our culture, McCarter has partnered with Princeton University’s Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) on a new initiative in the model of the 2017 Princeton and Slavery Plays. McCarter has commissioned five theater artists to write short plays inspired by the research and programming of the PIIRS research cohort “Migration: People and Across Cultures and Borders.” Since the spring of 2018, these artists have engaged with the Migrations cohort by attending seminars and symposia, meeting with scholars, and exploring the Princeton campus to create pieces that explore the nature of migration, how it is represented culturally, and the ways in which it shapes the world. The project will culminate in April of 2019 with a public reading of the five plays at McCarter.

Commissioned Artists: Adam Gwon, Martyna Majok, Heather Raffo, Mfoniso Udofia, Karen Zacarías.

The commissioning and public reading of The Migration Plays are part of the PIIRS Migration Research Lab.
Click here to learn more.




Early Decision – Adam Gwon 
Getting into his dream college is all that high school senior Owen Li can think about until long-kept family secrets are revealed and threaten everything he holds dear.


Museum – Martyna Majok 
An art museum docent takes the audience on a tour through his galleries that begs the question: how did we get where we are, and what remains after we’re gone?


Solomon's Pools – Heather Raffo 
Inspired by the work of architects Sandy Hilal and Alessandro Petti and their exploration of Permanent Temporariness. Two women in a refugee camp ponder the meaning of public and private in a world increasingly reliant on commodities, capitalism and ownership.


The Family – Mfoniso Udofia 
Language is a vehicle of both connection and division in this story that follows a young African woman and her family as they navigate the unexpected in their new American homeland.


The Monkey with the Green Tail – Karen Zacarías 
A college art instructor addresses her class about a recent incident of hateful graffiti on campus by sharing her own personal journey in a narrative that interweaves fiction and reality.

For more information on The Migration Plays, please contact VenueMatthews Theatre


World Premiere

MARCH 22-APRIL 21, 2019

When Azell Abernathy, a seasoned repairman, arrives at the home of Abasiama Ufot to redo the floors of her dilapidated New England home, he is surprised to be met with stubborn resistance. The two clash, challenge each other, and eventually form an unlikely spiritual connection. Abasiama and Azell learn the true nature of forgiveness and love, just as her life takes a new turn. This fifth installment of Mfoniso Udofia’s Ufot family cycle offers both a purge and a peacemaking; both frenzy and faith.


Directed by Victor Malana Maog 

February 13–April 14, 2019 
A.C.T.’s Strand Theater
1127 Market Street, San Francisco

From an extraordinary new voice in American theater comes this taut and achingly poignant drama exploring the multigenerational bonds of a Nigerian family living in the United States. 

Traveling from Lagos to visit her mother and American-born sister for the first time in two decades, thirtysomething Iniabasi arrives to a snowy landscape, and even chillier truths inside a small Manhattan apartment. As Nigerian traditions clash with American realities, the family is forced to confront its literal and emotional baggage and its painful legacies across language, continents, and cultures. 

Playwright Mfoniso Udofia, a graduate of A.C.T.’s M.F.A. Program, won acclaim in New York—now A.C.T. joins with Magic Theatre, to each present one, independent chapter from Udofia’s sweeping nine-part saga about a family of Nigerian immigrants and their American-born children. Pulsing with humor and heartache, this tender and hopeful window into an evolving family is “a reminder that most Americans share a common origin story” (The New York Times). 


December 9-14, 2018 at 8:00pm 

Address: Fort Mason Center, 2 Marina Boulevard, Building D, San Francisco, CA 94123

Our play festival centers on bringing emerging and mid-career playwrights together, giving each writer the time and space to create and experiment and hear their work out loud. 

ADIA AND CLORA SNATCH JOY: BY MFONISO UDOFIA                                  
In the wake of her mother’s death, Adiaha Ufot travels to Wilmington, NC in search of the man who knew her mother last. Instead of Azell, Adia finds Clora—and a house that looks strangely familiar. Together, Adia and Clora reconcile their pasts and imagine new ways forward. 


May 24, 2018

“A moving and powerful corrective to the notion that what immigrants leave behind is always awful, and that what they find is worth the trip.” —The New York Times

A family rifles through their literal and emotional baggage in this taut and poignant drama about relatives, legacy, and connection. This West Coast premiere, brilliantly penned by first generation Nigerian-American storyteller Mfoniso Udofia, chronicles the triumphs and struggles of a tenacious family matriarch and two daughters. The mother and one of her daughters have called the United States home for many years. And the other daughter’s arrival raises heart-wrenching questions about the power of place, family bonds, and how we define our relationships over space and time.

Her Portmanteau

written by Mfoniso Udofia

directed by Gregg T. Daniel

May 24 - June 30, 2018

Performed at Boston Court Performing Arts Center

Boston Court, 70 North Mentor Avenue, Pasadena, CA

BOX OFFICE - 626.683.6883 

Featuring: Joyce Guy, Omoze Idehenre and Délé Ogundiran

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