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2 women & 3 men 

Tasha has escaped her life in the projects of Memphis, Tennessee and made a life in the heart of New York City. She had no plans to ever return until her sister has an emergency. Tasha attempts to reconcile her torn history with her opulent present and along the way pick up the pieces of herself she left behind. Play still being written


5 women & 3 men 

approximately 75 mins

Children's Play 

Written for the Youth of the Hudson Guild Community Center, Lockdown, is an urban response to The Breakfast Club. A group of teenagers become unruly after being locked in the Chelsea Recreational Center for 108 hours 45 minutes 13 seconds 14 seconds and 15 seconds, 16 seconds, 17 seconds...

As hours become days, the way the teenagers behave morphs and their true colors are shown.



14 characters [non-gender specific]  approximately 80 mins

Children's Play 


The uptight, inhospitable Goodies and the artistic, misunderstood Hoodies battle for territory and resources in this hip-hop tale of scarcity and immigration. 


7 characters--open casting

Fire. Butterfly. Rollercoaster. How do you meaningfully connect? In this series of 7 short vignettes, poems and songs, ON LOVE, showcases the eight different types of love and the depths in which the human emotion can feel.


by William Shakespeare

In a modern verse translation 

by Mfoniso Udofia

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