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SOJOURNERS: The Origin Story


::duty and desire::
2 women and 2 men

 approximately 120 mins

Abasiama Ekpeyong strives against the constraints of an unfulfilling arranged marriage. She finds support and comfort from new friends, Moxie Wilis and Disciple Ufot. As she learns and experiences Houston, TX, she is forced to choose between what she should be accomplishing in America and what she wants. 


::courage and cowardice::

4 women & 4 men 

approximately 110 mins 

Adiaha Ufot, first generation offspring and eldest daughter of a transplanted Nigerian family, is both  conduit of her rich culture and fulfiller of the legacy of the American dream. Adiaha struggles to balance as her Nigerian history and her American present collide and combust. 



::civil war::

3 women and 3 men

 approximately 95 minutes

Married couple, Disciple and Abasiama Ufot, have been living the exact same day over and over again for many decades. A sudden burst of frustration breaks their pattern and time suddenly rushes forward while also reeling backwards; forcing Disciple and Abasiama to finally navigate the treacherous waters of illness, memory and love. The survival of this 30+ year marriage depends on building new vocabularies and daring, once again, to live moment by moment.



::legacy and forgiveness:: 

3 women 

approximately 90 mins

Abasiama Ufot must forge new households and pass down her inheritance. Trapped within a small apartment, Abasiama confronts her daughters and opens long closed vaults, trying to build the bridge across two very different worlds.



::purge and passing:: 

1 woman & 1 man

approximately 90 minutes

Abasiama Ufot and an elder man, Azell Abernarthy, make an unlikely spiritual connection. Abasiama learns the true nature of love just as life takes a new turn. 


More information on this play coming soon



More information on this play coming soon



More information on this play coming soon



2 main women and a  woman's chorus approximately 90 minutes

In the wake of her mother’s death, Adiaha Ufot travels to Wilmington, NC in search of the man who knew her mother last. Instead of Azell, Adia finds Clora – and a house that looks strangely familiar. Together Adia and Clora  reconcile their pasts and imagine new ways forward.

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